Misspent Youth - The Band
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Looney's Pub
Maple Lawn, MD
Friday Dec 23, 2016
What can we say? The biggest and best club in Howard County, MD
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Dixon is seen here at a concert in Falls Church, Virginia. Although his stage presence epitomizes honesty and aplomb, some audience members have complained about the purple headlights he dons for these occasions.


Lorenzo is caught here standing on a chair during a performance in Baltimore.  Apparently, he was trying to get the attention of the chef.  He has a tendency to order food over the band's PA system.


John at a recent gig, feigning a smile through gritting teeth over a query from the audience regarding his black army boots.  Luckily the stage was five feet high.


Mike concentrates 'real hard' during a this gig, occasionally waxing remorseful about the good ol' days at the phone company.

Keyboard/Cowbell/Weird Noises

At this show, Adam loses track of where he is in the song, and begins playing chopsticks to compensate.  Audience cheers him on as new musical genre is accidentally created.